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Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows
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Model: Thermo-Tech® double-hung windows
Manufacturer: Thermo-Tech

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Double-Hung Windows

Thermo-Tech® double-hung windows combine traditional styling with our outstanding performance technology. We also engineer our double-hung windows to include standard features that most companies leave out. The result? Beautiful energy-efficient windows ready to enhance new or existing homes.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Top and bottom sashes tilt inward to allow easy cleaning of both sides from the interior.
  • Smooth-gliding balance system uses stainless steel, constant-force coil that needs no adjusting and little or no maintenance.
  • Truth® die-cast cam lock and keeper hardware draws the sashes together for secure and weather-tight locking.
  • Slope sill directs water runoff even in a driving rain.
  • Triple-layered weather stripping (two fin seals and one bulb) works to prevent air, water and dust infiltration.
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